Brand Facts

Woody’s believes in capturing the taste of the summer.

Who was Mr Woody’s?

Named after Jo Woods who was the founder of WKD

Vodka & Real Juice

Made using triple distilled vodka and real fruit juices

Cooler Market

No 2. Grapefruit Cooler in Canada


Woody’s marketing campaign is “Capture the Summer”

Explore the range

Pink Grapefruit

5.3% ABV 330ml x 4 Glass bottles and 440ml single cans. Woody’s Pink Grapefruit is a sharp yet not too sweet refreshing fruit flavoured alcoholic drink. Made using tripled distilled vodka, real fruit juices and carbonated water.

Sunshine Lemon

5.3% ABV 440ml single cans. Woody’s Sunshine Lemon is the new addition to the Woody’s range. Sunshine lemon is a refreshing taste of alcoholic cloudy lemonade it is sharp but not too sweet. Made using tripled distilled vodka, real fruit juice and carbonated water.

Mexican Lime

5.3% ABV 330ml x 4 Glass bottles. Woody’s Lime combines the tangy taste of real Mexican Lime with triple-distilled vodka.

Making a delicious cooler perfect for the Canadian Market

At Woody's we only use the best: triple distilled vodka, real fruit flavours, and lots of care. That's why Woody's tastes cleaner, fruitier and more refreshing. We think it's the Perfect Blend.

Woody's is a range of refreshing sparkling coolers available in three fruity flavours: Pink Grapefruit, Mexican Lime and Sunshine Lemon.

Our vision is to bring summer to life through our consumer marketing, quality of products and by doing things differently – whilst having fun.

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