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Time for some sparkle…it’s a Shloer thing.

No Added Sugar

Our sparkling juice drinks contain no added sugar and are free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. This means you can be assured that you are getting a great tasting, high quality sparkling drink, with natural juice and oodles of flavour!


Shloer has also been at the heart of the party. We got our name from Professor Jules Shloer, the clever clogs who invented the original Shloer recipe in Switzerland in 1935! Still the same great taste and full of flavour, Shloer will sparkle the taste buds.


We are at the heart of the party and our activation is all about how we can bring your occasions to life, simply and fuss-free. Shloer will be kick-starting the fun at all stages of the occasion, from the planning to the post event chat, both online with interactive media and in-store using eye-catching displays.


At Shloer, we are always looking for new ways of bringing occasions to life through our products. Our Celebration Pink Bubbly won the Grocer NPD Award 2017 for its outstanding market performance and it’s great tasting drink.

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Shloer is the sparkling juice drink that lets you fully enjoy social moments Enjoy the full bodied flavour of Bobal and Airén grapes from the vines across the Castile-La Mancha region of central Spain. Traditionally blended since 1935 for a quality taste that lingers longer. With no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Shloer is trusted by generations to provide an exciting alcohol alternative that is made to look, feel and taste special so that you can join in, have some fun and always feel part of things.

Fruit Fusions

Fruit Flavours Feeling Fruity? With White Grape & Elderflower, White Grape & Apple and Cranberry & Raspberry to choose from, there’s a fruity blend to tantalise all taste buds. Now you can give your guests even more choice, or really mix-up your party drinks.


Need a light touch? Shloer’s lighter range offer the perdect alternative for tthose who want all the taste with less guilt… the great flavours of White Grape and Red Grape means you don’t have to miss out on Shloer’s delicious sparkle.


Pop goes the cork! – Everyone loves a glass of bubbly and with two delicious and fruity options from Shloer you can be sure to add some sparkle to your occasion; why not pop the cork on either White Bubbly or Pink Bubbly flavoured sparkling juice drinks!

Sparkling all summer long...

Sun-drenched with a chance of sudden drenching’s, dollops of suntan lotion, chasing down the ice cream van: the British summer puts plenty on your plate. Which is why you need a sidekick that’s just as sparkling as the sunshine - Shloer is there to make every occasion a sparkling success: pressure off, volume up, party started.

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