Brand Facts

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We want to create healthy products without all of the junk, encourage people to drink more water and hydrate in a healthier way. We bridge the gap between plain water and the not so healthy flavoured waters, encouraging healthy hydration.

Making of

Owater was created by Gemma Pond and Christine Reiner to offer consumers healthy drinks to those seeking ‘better for you’ products without sugar and sweeteners. Offering a deliciously refreshing taste using only natural ingredients, Owater was the first of its kind to launch in the UK.

Our Flavours

When bottled water is too plain and artificial waters are too sweet, try our range of botanically infused water. Gentled steam distilled botanical extracts from fruit carefully blended with spring water from the Loire Valley to create a natural pH neutral drink with the delicate kiss of taste. We have two flavours deliciously refreshing flavours to choose from, Watermelon & Jasmine and Cucumber & Mint.

Explore the range

Watermelon & Jasmine

A botanical water that gently blends watermelon and jasmine to deliver a delicate taste that is clean, crisp and refreshing, keeping you hydrated all day, every day.

Cucumber & Mint

A delicate water made with gently steam distilled botanical extracts that you’ll want to drink all day, every day. An instant freshness of cucumber paired with a classic twist of mint for a super hydrating and truly refreshing combination.

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