Brand Facts

Creative Cook helps you create amazing food experiences any day of the week.

Finest Ingredients

We travel far and wide to source, select and blend the finest ingredients and flavour combinations.

Savvy Shortcuts

Helping you to discover exciting tastes and irresistible flavours even when you’re short on time.

Make meals amazing

We believe nothing should get in the way of good cooking.

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Meal Solution Seasonings

From rich, smoky chipotle to sweet Korean chilli, create sensational flavours inspired from across the globe with Creative Cook.

Ingredient Seasonings

Whether it’s the fiery kick of Birds Eye Chilli or the zesty fusion of smoked sage and lemon, pep up your meals with one of our seasoning blends packed full of flavour.

Now you’re cooking!

Expertly sourced and blended to give you exceptional flavour. Creative Cook is like having your very own sous-chef doing all the hard work for you, leaving you free to rustle up something amazing.

Why compromise on taste just because you’re compromised on time? With Creative Cook, mastering a new dish is as easy as choosing a new flavour. Simply add a twist of your own to make it yours – and then why not share it with us?

Gumbo Stew or Lamb Tagine? Pho Beef Noodles Soup or Paella? Thai or Moroccan? Your food your way.

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