BITC - Build Back Responsibly Campaign

The Group is proud to be supporting BITC’s #BuildBackResponsibly Campaign as their Mental Wellbeing Champion.

The #BuildBackResponsibly campaign is asking companies to think about four big questions:

  • What if your job was good for you?
  • What if everyone felt included at work?
  • What if access to digital was a human right?
  • What if taking action on the climate crisis was everyone’s business?

COVID-19 has forced us all to rethink the way we behave and operate. From implementing social distancing measures in production, to enabling entire workforces to operate from home during lockdown, to wearing a mask when out in public; businesses and communities have been forced to be nimble and flexible.

The pandemic has pushed us to adjust to a ‘new normal’. It has also created and, in some instances, exacerbated the issues facing our society. We are facing a rising tide of redundancies and unemployment, with the vulnerable most at risk. Officials warn that we are facing a ‘mental health tsunami’ as individuals face increasing demands at work and home. The ‘digital divide’ is starker than ever, with some homes being unable to access online support, education or work. Experts warn that the climate crisis is becoming more urgent and that it is a much bigger crisis than the one we are in currently.

The responsible business network, Business in the Community, is leading the charge for this campaign. Businesses from across Northern Ireland are joining forces to encourage every organisation to #BuildBackResponsibly, and there are opportunities for companies from all sectors and sizes to get involved.

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