Brand Facts

Jam’rah products are designed to make lighting a barbecue or a fire easier than ever


Jam’rah is proudly innovative. The brand has created numerous ignition products and patented formulas to give consumers the very best fire lighting experience.

Focused on Quality

Jam’rah firelighters are more powerful than other firelighters. They light easily first time, every time and burn longer, using fewer cubes, meaning better value for money.

Sustainably Sourced

The Jam’rah charcoal product range lights quickly, is long burning and provides the best food flavour – it is the best performing of over 250 charcoals tested. It is also natural with no additives and sustainably sourced.

Explore the range


Jam’rah’s firelighter range includes block firelighters, wrapped firelighters and 100% natural cube firelighters. All of our firelighters are powerful, long lasting and fast lighting.

Liquid Firelighters

Jam’rah liquid firelighter burns for longer than other brands and has a unique thickened formula that sticks to the charcoal, resulting in less wastage and better performance. Its higher flashpoint makes it safer to light your barbecues all summer long.

BBQ Cooking

Jam’rah 100% natural charcoal and instant light disposable trays are made from long burning, sustainably sourced hardwoods, carefully selected to ensure great tasting barbecued food.

Charcoal Tablets

Perfect for shisha and incense burners. Jam’rah Charcoal Tablets are instant-lighting and long burning.

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