Head of Commercial Planning GB & Ireland

SHS Drinks, Manderson House, Gloucester

Closing Date: 22nd Feb 2019

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Job Description:

Working with the Commercial Operations Controller, Sales Director and the Heads of Customer Development, you will define the sales strategy for the business to unlock the headroom for growth in SHS drinks portfolio. You will formulate the long range plans and annual business plans with the SHS Drinks sales teams based on insight, evaluation, industry trends, data and leading edge practices. You will lead and develop a high performing Commercial Planning team. The role is P & L responsible and is equally responsible for both the planning and execution of our trade plans.

Key Responsibilities/Duties:

  1. Own and continually improve the process for annual business planning to incorporate up-stream continuity back into the supply chain and consumer marketing and downstream continuity through the sales teams into customers. Ensure the plan is regularly reviewed throughout the year with key risks and opportunities being appropriately highlighted and addressed.
  2. Be responsible for implementing the commercial strategy for each of our brands in the relevant trading channel
  3. Ensure that day to day commercial management is both robust and comprehensive to include commercial analysis and evaluation and compliance with internal ways of working and sign off authorisations
  4. Assess, evaluate and adapt to industry trends and customer dynamics to ensure that we stay relevant and implement the most cost effective customer strategies to unlock growth in SHS Drinks
  5. Monitor, track, evaluate and adapt customer strategies and plans to ensure SHS hits its commitments at Volume, Revenue and OI levels
  6. Have a clear understanding of the main influences/key features and market dynamics of all trading channels, key customers, shoppers and product categories covered.
  7. Be an influential participant in our ongoing IBP process to ensure our systems reflect business reality
  8. Clearly communicate the strategies and plans to ensure consistency across the business and act as the gate keeper for spend to control overall investment levels
  9. Lead and develop a high performing team that is dynamic, flexible, agile and diligent. Ensure the team is able to blend short term actions and long term strategic vision and that it works hand in glove with sales and commercial finance to get the best outcomes for SHS and its customers
  10. A clear will to win - you will be the conduit between sales and marketing and commercial finance and will act quickly to respond to changes in the environment and/or business plan. You will drive and evolve new business practices and benchmark SHS against other leading organisations to ensure we stay relevant and at the leading edge of supplier practices


  • Third level education
  • Substantial experience in FMCG roles with sales and marketing / shopper background. Due to the level of autonomy in this role, it is likely that you will have operated at a senior level in this environment for at least 5 years
  • Previous experience at manager level showing significant accountability and level of expertise
  • Previous experience in formulating and successfully implementing strategy within a business unit
  • Previous experience of both leading and developing a high performance team
  • Budgetary responsibility
  • A robust internal network across the drinks business and a recognised profile as a key influencer in the business

Personal Traits:

  • Balanced, calm and logical – you will be comfortable handling conflict to drive the best outcomes.
  • Detail orientated and can think holistically
  • Ability to manage team activity across a full portfolio of brands ensuring that appropriate investment is allocated as required
  • Has strategic agility and can easily operate in complex scenarios where outcomes are not always clear cut
  • Demanding of others and drives standards continually
  • Can build a team to align behind a vision and that is happy in a change oriented environment

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