Managing our environmental impact is not only important for the planet and the communities in which we work. It’s essential for the sustainability of our supply chains – and our business.

Responsible for our Environment

Our Planet working group monitors the environmental impact across the Group in several key areas including:

Energy: we are managing our carbon footprint by actively focusing on energy efficiency.
Water: every location across the Group is committed to reducing water use in general and minimising water waste specifically.
Waste: we follow the waste hierarchy of reduce, reuse and recycle, working with regulators, ESOS compliance and segregating food waste.
Supply chain: we actively work with suppliers on issues including packaging and delivery optimisation.

A system and a roadmap

All of our production facilities have an Environmental Management System (EMS) in place. In addition, all sites and operations follow an environmental roadmap to align best practice standards.

The Planet working group engages with the management teams to promote environmental awareness to all staff. We also work to support our customers’ own programmes, and we liaise regularly with trade bodies on issues around impact and regulation.

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